Flexi Stop
Flexi Stop in Machine
Flexi Stop Vice
The Flexi Stop is a quick and accurate way to position a workpiece for machining.
It moves easily and smoothly then clamps up solid with just two screws.
It is made from 6061 Aluminium and Stainless Steel.
A great way to get repeatability for 2 or many parts.
This versatile and very functional stop can be purchased from Turnwell for only.
            $ 150.00  + GST
A T-nut to suit your machine will be provided. Just let us know what size you need.
Delivery fee would be additional.
Melbourne Metro. $ 12.00
Australia wide using Australian post.  http://www1.auspost.com.au/pac/  weight 1.1 KG
International deliveries on request.
 Tel.     #61397236683           or          E-mail  turnwell@turnwell.com.au
 Fax     #61397236812
Flexi Stop milling
 To purchase aFlexi Stop please e-mail me at turnwell@turnwell.com.au  with your details, like.
quantity you need.
Size of the T-slot. ie 12, 14, 16, 18mm opening at the top.
Your shipping address,
Payments can be made via PayPal into our account at  turnwell@turnwell.com.au, or by simply sending a cheque, but please send some sort of identification so I know who has paid what.   
ie.  1 Flexi stop with 16mm T-nut = $150.0 + $15.0 gst = $165.00
No GST for international shipments.
regards Hartmut