TurnWell have a large capacity for all kinds of CNC Turning and Milling. We have the tooling and experience to process common materials such as mild steel, stainless, brass, copper and plastic, to the more exotic materials such as high nickel alloys and hardened steel.
We also provide a range of other services including, cutting and tapping.  Our machines are fully computer numeric controlled with a short set up time, so we can start production quickly and finish your product sooner.  If the tooling we need for your job is not commercially available, we make our own.  Our overhead gantry and forklift make it easy to handle heavy or awkward components
  • Turning Diameter:  1- 680mm
  • Biggest working envelope:  680mm diameter x 880mm long with a 117mm spindle bore.
  • Milling envelope 1100 x 600 x 735 with fully integrated 4th axis
  • U-Drills from 13mm to 60mm in diameter.
  • Parkanson bandsaw with maximum diameter 360mm fully programmable.
  • Extensive range of tooling.